Kenwood AT312 Citrus Juicer Attachement
Citrus fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C and this handy tool will extract the very last drop of juice from an orange or grapefruit into the 600ml bowl, leaving all the pith and pips behind, ready to pour...
R 839.00
Kenwood AT320A Mini Chopper- Mill Attachment
A great little accessory for chopping, milling, grinding and blending small portions of food into glass jars. Great for baby foods, spices, coffee, marinades, dressings, purées, herbs and nuts. And it comes complete with three glass jars for handy storage. The...
R 699.00
Kenwood AT641 Continuous Juicer
With this fast juicer, breakfast is about to get a whole lot more exciting. With a feed tube able to take a whole apple, any fruit is good to juice. With its clean pouring spout and foam filter, all you...
R 2,719.00
Kenwood AT644 Fruit Press Attachement
Fitting to the slow speed outlet of Chef machines the Fruit Press attachment is perfect for creating healthy juices and delicious purees from a variety of ingredients such as berries, leaves and grasses. This attachment will fit the following machines:...
R 1,219.00
Kenwood AT850B Scale Attachment
About the AT850B Scales One of the secrets of great cooking is balance and precision. And these kitchen scales make it easy to accurately weigh ingredients into the same bowl you're going to use for mixing. The scale will weigh...
R 609.00
Kenwood AT910-003 Casarecce Metal Pasta Maker Die
Metal Pasta Maker Die - Casarecce AT910-003 Casarecce pasta is shaped like a very narrow, twisted and rolled tube. Choose this cutter to create perfect pasta to go with a meat sauce or add to a casserole dish.
R 529.00
Kenwood AT910-005 Spaccatelli Metal Pasta Maker Die
Metal Pasta Maker Die - Spaccatelli AT910-005 Spaccatelli is virtually identical to Bucatoni. It's a long, tube-shaped pasta that's been sliced down one side to cook more quickly, enabling you to create amazing Mediterranean dishes in no time.
R 449.00
Kenwood AT910-006 Spaghetti Quadri Metal pasta Maker Die
Metal Pasta Maker Die - Spaghetti Quadri AT910-006 Spaghetti is a firm family favourite and the perfect choice for just about any pasta sauce you can think of. And now it's easy to make at home. For a change, why...
R 449.00
Kenwood AT910-009 Linguine Metal Pasta maker Die
Metal Pasta Maker Die - Linguine AT910-009 Linguine literally means 'little tongues'. This is a great shape to make to complement a variety of sauces - and it's also a good choice for salads and stir-fry dishes.
R 449.00
Kenwood AT910-013 Orecchiette Metal Pasta Maker Die
Metal Pasta Maker Die - Orecchiette AT910-013 This pasta has numerous regional variations. It's made of durum wheat semolina and water and is excellent with vegetable sauces such as those made with broccoli, rocket, courgette and aubergine. It's also a...
R 449.00
Kenwood AT956A Frozen Desert Maker Attachment
The Chef-sized frozen dessert maker is a fantastic attachment for creating gorgeous ice creams and sorbets. It's easy to use and comes with its own plastic, Kenlyte™ bowl for mixing, a freezer bowl, paddle and lid. It takes just 30 minutes to...
R 1,349.00
Kenwood AT957A Frozen Dessert Maker Attachment
The Major-sized frozen dessert maker is a fantastic attachment for creating gorgeous ice creams and sorbets. It's easy to use and comes with its own plastic, Kenlyte™ bowl for mixing, a freezer bowl, paddle and lid. It takes just 30 minutes to...
R 1,329.00
Kenwood BLM05.A0BK Personal Blender
Kenwood Accent Collection Personal Blender BLM05.A0BK Powerful 350W Motor with 570ml & 400ml To Go Shatterproof BPA free Tritan Bottles1 speed Power
R 569.00
Kenwood BLM45.240SS Blender & Mill
Kenwood BLM45.240SS Blender & Mill Impress friends and family with crunchy salsas, freshly prepared smoothies and warming soups.The Kenwood BLM45.240 features 2 speeds and pulse, which puts you in control, meaning ingredients are prepared your way, whether you want quick pulses...
R 789.00
Kenwood BLM92.920SS Blender
KENWOOD BLM92.920SS BLENDER Ice crushing ability Pre-set ice crush function Pre-set sauce function Pre-set smoothie function Pre-set soup function Pulse function
R 2,399.00
Kenwood BLP15.150WH Blender & Mill
Kenwood BLP15.150WH Blender & Mill Take The Effort Out Of Blending With Kenwood'S Blender Need A Powerful Blender Without Compromising Precious Kitchen Worktop Space. The Kenwood Blender Is Ideal For Smaller Spaces, But Still Has A Generous 1.5 Litre Capacity...
R 569.00
Kenwood BMM13.000WH Bread Maker
Bread maker BMM13.000WH There is nothing quite like the smell of freshly baked bread filling your home. Create everything from a standard white bread loaf, to an array of artisanal flavour combinations such as fresh rosemary, dried cranberries and toasted...
R 1,329.00
Kenwood CAP70.A0SI Can Opener
This 3-in-1 can opener is the ultimate kitchen multi-tool, offering a compact, fresh and modern design. This handy gadget is suitable for cans of all shapes and sizes, and the handle and blade unit is removable so it's easy to...
R 469.00
Kenwood CGM16.000BK ProGrind Coffee and Spice Grinder
ProGrind Coffee and Spice Grinder CGM16.000BK The new ProGrind is the new coffee grinder with powerful stainless steel blades. It grinds 35 grams of coffee in only 15 seconds, but also spices such as nutmeg, cloves and star anise.
R 429.00
Kenwood CH580 Quad Blade Mini Chopper
A beautifully designed Chopper with the quadblade system and mayonnaise attachment, perfect for the quick preparation of herbs, nuts, dips, ice-crushing and baby food This Mini Chopper uses Kenwood's quad blade system. So it will work twice as fast as...
R 929.00
Kenwood CP657 Slow Cooker
Cooking has never been so easy with the contemporary brushed stainless steel and black Kenwood Slow Cooker CP657. The cooker holds a total capacity of 6.5 litres, and the removable black, ceramic crock pot provides a large working capacity perfect for stews and...
R 849.00
Kenwood FDM307SS Multipro Compact Food Processor
Kenwood Food Processor FDM307SS Multipro Compact is a great all-rounder that offers performance, versatility and style. The 800W motor and variable speed dial with pulse will give you total control, ensuring you achieve your desired results every time. To make things even...
R 3,599.00
Kenwood FDM71.450SS Multipro Express Weigh+ Food Processor
Kenwood Food Processor FDM71.450SS Forget seperate weighing scales. Weigh veg, flour and more directly into the bowl, or on the weighing tray included. Incrementally or individually. You’ll save on time and washing up.  The lightweight 1.5L blender quickly makes smoothies,...
R 3,099.00

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