DSTV Smart LNB - LMX501i
Smart LNB 30 User Bands 3 Unicable Outputs 1 Universal Output
R 499.00
Aerial King Active 4 Way Splitter
Designed to improve your TV and FM  signals. Boost signals in poor reception areas. Ideal for PVR decoders. Can be connected to video and satellite receivers. 4 x Outputs Double Insulated.
R 399.00
Ellies Universal Single LNB
Universal Single LNB LNB is the receiving device mounted on satellite dishes used for satellite TV reception, which collects the radio waves from the dish
R 160.00
Aerial King PVR Remote (A4)
Aerial King PVR Remote (A4)Compatible With The Following Dstv DecodersHD PVR 2U, HD PVR 2P, HD PVR 4 TUNER UEC, HD 4 TUNER PACE, DSD 990, DSD 1131, DSD 1132, DSD 1110, SD PVR , DSD 820[DUAL VIEW]
R 149.00
DSTV WiFi Connector
The DStv WiFi Connector is a device that links your DStv Explora to the router in your home. It does so easily and wirelessly. By linking your DStv Explora to the internet, you get access to Connected Services – namely...
R 199.00
Sold Out
Ellies Explora Remote
Ellies Explora Remote
R 199.00
Dynamic TV-Tv Link Modulator -DRF-30T
Technical Data RF Frequency Range : 471.25MHz 855.25MHzChannel Range : 2169Defaul Factory Setting : Channel 21 (471.25MHz) PAL I, 38KHzRF Output Impedance : 75'd9 unbalancedVideo Input Impedance : 75'd9TV Format : PAL/NTSCSound Carrier Frequency : 4.5/5.5/6.0/6.5MHzRemote Distance : 10mTransmitter Distance...
R 499.00
DTV Universal KU Band Twin LNB (STL-02) Specifications: Universal KU Band Twin LNB. - Full HD 1080p.  Input: 10.7-12.75GHz. - L.O.: 9.75 / 10.6GHz. - Noise: 0.3dB. - Gain: 60dB.
R 239.00
Aerial King Digital Satellite Finder - (001-a00-015)
Supports dvb-s2, dvb-s Multi standard demodulation & decoding Use lcd to display satellite signal strength and quality Set up lo of the lnb and parameters of satellite tv, finding satellite signal accurately Built in controllable lcd backlight and signal alert...
R 999.00
Aerial King Diplexer For DSTV (M01-017)
The Aerial King satellite/TV antenna diplexer combines signals from your satellite dish and VHF/UHF TV antenna into one coaxial cable output. Use a second diplexer to split the signals for connection to satellite or TV antenna jacks on your receiver....
R 95.00
Ellies Twin LNB
LNB is the receiving device mounted on satellite dishes used for satellite TV reception, which collects the radiowaves from the dish.  
R 359.00
Aerial King HD Remote (B5)
The DStv B5 remote works with the following decoder models:   DStv HD Decoder Supports multiple modes (3) Compact and hardy, with raised buttons for ease of use Visual feedback when a button is pressed This remote is not a...
R 149.00
Aerial King Explora Remote (A6)
Only compatible with DStv ExploraSupports Multiple Modes (3)Designed to fit your hand, with raised buttons and varied textures for ease of useVisual feedback when a button is pushedSMS Key for easy text entryThis remote can be programmed to control other...
R 199.00
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