Snappy Chef Superlight Combo - 10piece + Fee Utensils
Add the final stylish touch to any meal with this complete Snappy Chef Superlight Cast Iron set. Cook a meal, and serve directly- no re- required. Casseroles come in 3 sizes, and include in the set- a brilliant wok-style, oven-safe...
R 6,999.00
Snappy Chef Gas-Up Combo
The Snappy Chef 2-burner gas stove perfectly complements our induction range. Get the stove & a 2.2l Whistling kettle along with a handy braai grid (for both gas, induction & oven-use).
R 4,999.00
Snappy Chef 2-burner Gas Stove
The Snappy Chef 2-burner Gas Stove, the perfect partner for your kitchen. It’s like the dynamic duo of cooking, ready to tackle anything from spaghetti to soufflés. We’re not saying it’s Batman and Robin, but your taste buds might just...
R 3,999.00
Snappy Chef 1-burner Gas Stove
Ready to turn camping into glamping and save time and money? Meet the Snappy Chef 1-burner Gas Stove. It’s so good that even the squirrels might start demanding room service. * Must be installed by a certified gas installer  ...
R 2,499.00
Snappy Chef Supreme Combo - 15piece + Free Utensils
The Snappy Chef Supreme Combo has it all:The super speed & savings of our 1-plate Induction Stove, the formidable cooking prowess of our Supreme Range Casseroles & Frying Pan, as well as a 2.2l Induction Kettle SPECIFICATIONS Find more information...
R 4,999.00
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