Snomaster SMDZ-EX67D Dual Compartment Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer
When outdoor adventure calls, choose this dual compartment stainless steel fridge/ freezer to keep your drinks cool and food fresh. With this fridge/freezer in hand you have the flexibility to decide how you want to use it as a dual...
R 14,999.00
Snomaster SMDZ-CL40 Camping Fridge-Freezer
Sturdy, efficient, and built with features designed to power you through outdoor adventures for as long as possible, the SnoMaster 40L Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer AC/DC is part of the Classic line of portable fridge/freezers are made for the demanding camping...
R 10,599.00
Snomaster SMDZ-CL60 Camping Fridge-Freezer
Capable of storing up to 60L of food and beverages and including a solar-powered remote controller and low-voltage cut-out settings that automatically disconnect the cooler when your battery level is low, this fridge / freezer ensures that you won’t have...
R 11,999.00
Snomaster SMDZ-CL80 Camping Fridge-Freezer
This high-performance Fridge or freezer is designed to work effectively in almost any environment and can be easily charged through the lighter socket or the DIN standard socket of a car, truck and AC Designed to withstand dust, dirt and...
R 12,999.00
Snomaster SMDZ-TR42 Fridge-Freezer
Designed to withstand dust, dirt and vibrations, SnoMaster products are built to endure the rigours of African adventure A budget-friendly and compact option for those with limited space, this Traveller Series Cooler has a single-zone with a variety of options...
R 9,099.00
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