LG MJ3965ACS NeoChef™ 39l Microwave
LG Smart Inverter Enjoy Tasty Food with Even Heating and Fast Cooking Every dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor. Smart Inverter precisely controls the temperature to heat and defrost...
R 8,949.00
LG MA3884VC 38L SolarDOM Microwave
LG MA3884VC 38L SolarDOM  Microwave Charcoal Lighting Heater - The Charcoal Lighting Heater enables food to absorb heat faster and deeper, browning the outside crispy and the inside juicy, just like the natural charcoal grilling in the outdoor camping. It also...
R 11,999.00 R 9,999.00
Samsung MS405MAD 40L Microwave
40L, Electronic Solo, Microwave Oven -  Luxurious Mirror Design The Luxurious Mirror design will stand out in your kitchen and will match well with your stylish interior. The touch display design with key function printing, is easy to use. The...
R 3,099.00
LG MS4235GIS NeoChef™ 42L Microwave
LG Smart Inverter Enjoy tasty and healthy food with even heating and fast cooking Every dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor. Smart Inverter precisely controls the temperature to heat...
R 3,449.00
Bosch HEN201E2 - NKE645GA1E Oven & Hob Combo
Bosch HEN201E2 / NKE645GA1E Oven & Hob Combo -  HEN201E2 Oven Specs - Heating system multifunction (6 heating modes: Conventional top and bottom heat, Bottom heat, Hot air grilling, Circulating air, Variable full width grill, Half width variable grill) -...
R 7,299.00
Hisense H36MOMMI 36L Microwave
Hisense H36MOMMI | 36L Microwave- 10 POWER LEVELS SETTING Customize the heating intensity to suit your needs 1000W Higher cower to reduce cooking times ADVANCED MAGNETRON TECHNOLOGY Long lasting with low power consumption. 6 AUTO MENUS 6 Auto menu settings...
R 2,099.00
Defy DCH293 700 Gemini Cookerhood
Enjoy flavourful cooking while benefitting from enhanced air quality in your kitchen with the Defy 700 Gemini Cookerhood. This functional kitchen addition is also incredibly stylish, with two halogen lights to increase your cooking visibility as well as two incredibly...
R 1,299.00
Defy DHD413 Gemini Hob
Form meets function in the incredibly appealing Defy Gemini Vitroceramic Hob crafted from elegant black ceramic glass to complete this stylish kitchen appliance. This 80cm Gemini Hob, with its four Vitroceramic plates, is the perfect match for any Defy eye-level...
R 6,849.00
LG MS4295DIS NeoChef™ 42L Microwave
LG Smart Inverter - Every dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor.   Even Heating & Defrosting - Smart Inverter precisely controls the temperature to heat and defrost evenly. Fast Cooking - Precise...
R 3,749.00
LG MS5696HIT 56L NeoChef™ Microwave
LG Smart Inverter Enjoy tasty and healthy food with even heating and fast cooking Every dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor. Smart Inverter precisely controls the temperature to heat and...
R 4,349.00 R 3,499.00
Hisense H30MOMS9H 30L Microwave
Hisense H30MOMS9H 30L Microwave - Blue LED display Membrance digital control 11 power levels 6 Auto cooking menus Weight/Speed defrost Multi stage cooking Preset funciton Child safety lock Cooking end signal Memory cooking set 12h clock setting up to 99’99”...
R 2,199.00 R 1,399.00
Whirlpool AKT109NE Ceran Hob
Whirlpool hob - AKT 109 NE Frameless Design - The smart framless design is stylish and allows for easy cleaning Ceramic Glass Surface 60cm Electric Hob  4 Cooking Zones 1-6 heat settings Glass Surface - Glass surface for style and easy cleaning....
R 2,899.00
Samsung ME0113M1 32L Microwave
32L, Electronic Solo, Microwave Oven, with Auto Cook, ME0113M1 -  Easier Access to Healthy Cooking - A variety of fresh and healthy meals are at your fingertips with 9 pre-set cook modes on Samsung's Mirror Grill. Easily cook everything - from...
R 2,599.00
Samsung MS40J5133BG 40L Microwave
SAMSUNG  40L Microwave - MS40J5133BG Ceramic Inside™ - Easy to clean, helps reduce bacteria and scratch resistant. CERAMIC INSIDE™ is easy to keep clean and is scratch-resistant. It helps reduce the growth of certain common bacteria which helps provide a...
R 3,399.00
Midea EM036AFK 36L Microwave
EM036AFK Midea’s 36L Digital Microwave is the classically stylish appliance your kitchen wants and needs. SPECIFICATIONS: 6 x Auto express cook functions Defrost timer set by weight and time Mirror glass door 36L Capacity 1000 Watts
R 1,949.00
Bosch HGA120B20Z 60cm Freestanding Gas Stove
Series 2, Freestanding Gas Cooker, White HGA120B20Z -  The freestanding cooker with gas cooktop and electric oven: achieve good results on one level. Burners: 2 standard, 1 economy, 1 high speed Front left: High-speed burner 3 KW Rear left: Standard...
R 8,649.00
Samsung ME83X 23L Microwave Oven
23L, Electronic Solo, Microwave Oven -  Triple Distribution System Make sure that everything you cook is perfectly prepared and delicious. The unique Triple Distribution System distributes microwaves in 3 directions, so they reach into every corner and penetrate food in...
R 2,099.00
Hisense H43MOMSS 43L Microwave
Hisense 43L Microwave Silver H43MOMSS -  1000W power 6 auto cooking menus LED display Defrost function 10 microwavable power levels Digital control Mirror door
R 2,999.00
Defy DCH295 900 Gemini Cookerhood
For a compactly designed appliance that removes unwanted kitchen odours quietly and efficiently, you should invest in the Defy 900 Gemini Cookerhood. If you enjoy cooking delightfully flavourful meals in your Defy-kitted kitchen, but are concerned about the impact on...
R 2,749.00
Defy DHD400 Domino Hob
R 1,699.00
Defy DHD400 Domino Hob
Kitchen design is central to the home décor, and this is why you need to choose the right built-in hob to match both your superior cooking requirements, as well as your on-trend interior style. This is where the Defy Domino...
R 1,699.00
Defy DBO488 Slimline Black Undercounter Oven
The Defy 70L multifunction under counter oven delivers on unmatched reliability and sleek black design with brushed aluminium handle for easy handling. Clever innovation powers a foolproof cooking and baking experience. Equipped with Defy's legendary Thermofan+ Technology, allowing us to...
R 6,099.00
Defy DCH310 600 Chimney Cookerhood
Incorporating the latest in Defy technology and crafted in the latest kitchen style, the Defy 600 Slimline Chimney Cooker hood will elevate your kitchen to professional standards. This beautiful unit facilitates superior air extraction through simple push-button controls. Fitted with...
R 3,099.00
Defy DHD332 Slimline Hob
A stylish kitchen installation, the Defy Slimline Solid Hob delivers unmatched reliability through innovative design. This includes Defy’s legendary technology which not only allows for consistent heating throughout the hobs, but also maximises on energy efficiency with every dish. This...
R 1,949.00
Defy DHG901 Dual Fuel Hob
If you’re serious about your kitchen appliances but can’t decide between electric- or gas-powered, then the Defy Gemini Dual Fuel Hob is the solution for you! This incredibly stylish, 90cm Slimline hob has a four-plate Vitroceramic layout – two of...
R 7,099.00

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