Tonglite Champ Illumanted BBQ Tong - TL3021
Tonglite Champ Illumanted BBQ Tong - TL3021 This nifty braai companion is a must for every outdoor cooking kit. The Tonglite Champ features a built-in illuminated LED flashlight so you can see what you are flipping on the fire. The...
R 229.00
Tonglite Ultimate LED BBQ Tong - TL3001
Tonglite Ultimate LED BBQ Tong - TL3001 Ergonomic comfortable handle grip suits large or small hands.FRN (Fibre Reinforced Nylon) handle.Highly efficient stainless steel jaws (ideal to pick up large or small items).Unique pivoting action operates with minimal effort.Long reach keeps...
R 419.00
Cadac Trigger-Lite Gas Lighters- 604
The 2 pack trigger-lite gas lighters are top quality, easy to use and are the best for when you need to light your Braai, CADAC Heater or any other CADAC product. These auto ignition, refillable CADAC lighters are durable and...
R 39.00
Cadac CA190 Gas Cartridge - CA190N
Butane/Propane gas mix, standard international 190g pierceable gas cartridge; • It is ideal for home use, camping, fishing, picnicking or hiking
R 29.00
Snomaster PP003 12V Auxillary Battery Box
This is a ‘box’ to help protect and add ‘ease of us’ to your power source Suitable for “deep “cycle battery 2 x Brad Harris socket Built in fuses Hella Socket Cigarette Lighter Socket Battery Level indicator 2 x USB...
R 2,099.00
Snomaster SMDZ-CL40 Camping Fridge-Freezer
Sturdy, efficient, and built with features designed to power you through outdoor adventures for as long as possible, the SnoMaster 40L Stainless Steel Fridge/Freezer AC/DC is part of the Classic line of portable fridge/freezers are made for the demanding camping...
R 10,599.00
Snomaster SMDZ-CL60 Camping Fridge-Freezer
Capable of storing up to 60L of food and beverages and including a solar-powered remote controller and low-voltage cut-out settings that automatically disconnect the cooler when your battery level is low, this fridge / freezer ensures that you won’t have...
R 11,999.00
Snomaster SMDZ-CL80 Camping Fridge-Freezer
This high-performance Fridge or freezer is designed to work effectively in almost any environment and can be easily charged through the lighter socket or the DIN standard socket of a car, truck and AC Designed to withstand dust, dirt and...
R 12,999.00
Snomaster SMDZ-TR42 Fridge-Freezer
Designed to withstand dust, dirt and vibrations, SnoMaster products are built to endure the rigours of African adventure A budget-friendly and compact option for those with limited space, this Traveller Series Cooler has a single-zone with a variety of options...
R 9,099.00
Solar KB7001 Powered Lantern
1. Two brightness settings; 2. USB power bank (OUTPUT 5V max. 500mA); 3. Swivel hook for easy hanging; 4. 3 ways rechargeable: 6V 1.8W solar panel (included), AC/DC charger (optional), USB power (micro USB cable included); 5. IP54: Water Resistance;...
R 399.00
Cadac 7kg Gas Cylinder - 5597
The Cadac 7kg gas cylinder is coated with epoxy powder for rust protection; it features an external valve with fingertip control. It’s essential for any camping trip. The cylinder is suitable for cooker tops, lamps and heaters. Features: External valve...
R 899.00
Cadac 5kg Gas Cylinder - 5595
The 5kg cylinders are suitable for CADAC braais, cooker tops, lamps, Skottel and Safire Heaters or any other direct high pressure gas appliances. It can also be used with swivel regulator for any other low pressure appliances. Fingertip control with...
R 729.00
Cadac 3kg Gas Cylinder - 5593
The Cadac 3kg gas cylinder is coated with epoxy powder for rust protection. It's essential for any camping trip. EXCLUDES GAS
R 569.00
Cadac LED Grill Light -98301V
Convenient lamp with 10 LED lights Illuminates your grill perfectly Adjustable clamp
R 369.00
Cadac Handi-Lite Gas Lamp - 1110
High light output Silent operation Glare reducing glass Stainless Steel burner stem – rust proof Filter jet prevents constant jet blocking    
R 399.00
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