Cadac 2 Plate Stainless Steel Stove - 193E
Independent flame control adjustment knobsHose and cylinder adaptor includedOperates from a remote cylinder with a hose and regulator / fitting
R 639.00
Cadac 36cm Paella Pan - 8600-100
  Lightweight aluminium non-stick coated pan Easy to use and clean Ideal for preparing risottos, paellas and other meals Convenient storage bag is included  
R 669.00
Cadac 47cm Paella Pan - 8628
he 47cm CADAC Paella Pan lightweight but thick aluminium non-stick coated pan is easy to use and clean. The large cooking area is ideal for preparing risottos, paellas, pasta dishes, breakfasts and other meals that cater for large groups of...
R 869.00
Cadac 500ml Ice Brick - 6640
Freezer blocks are a great substitute for ice in a cooler box. Features: – Stays frozen for hours– Contents of cooler stay dry
R 35.00
Cadac 6 Can Cavas Cooler Bag - 66100
The CADAC Cooler Bag has an inner foam insulation and keeps contents colder for longer. Inner foam Insulation: Keeps contents colder for longer Heat-sealed inner liner - To prevent leaks Polyester outer cover - Durable and easy to clean Adjustable...
R 149.00
Cadac Bullnose Regulator - 341
Bullnose regulator for industrial gas cylinders size 9, 14, 19 and 48kg
R 129.00
Cadac Handi-Lite Gas Lamp - 1110
High light output Silent operation Glare reducing glass Stainless Steel burner stem – rust proof Filter jet prevents constant jet blocking    
R 299.00
Cadac Kettle Chef 47 BBQ 8810-10-ZA
FEATURES High temperature painted dome with thermometer Easy clean Anodized aluminium legs with wheels Non-stick coated BBQ grid Nickel-plated pot stand
R 2,649.00
Cadac LED Grill Light -98301V
Convenient lamp with 10 LED lights Illuminates your grill perfectly Adjustable clamp
R 269.00
Cadac Potjie Cook Top - 153
Fits 3/5/7kg Gas Bottles Enamel Coated Fits A NO.2&3 Size 3 Leged Pot 2 Year Warranty
R 289.00
Cadac Rect Pizza Stone - 98394S
The 1cm thick baking stone can withstand temperatures of 500ºC and can be used in electrical ovens, charcoal kettles and gas BBQs (but not in gas ovens), to bake pita bread, a traditional pizza, focaccia etc. It fits the standard...
R 349.00
Cadac Safari Chef 2 Gas Braai - 6540H1
This portable and versatile gas BBQ, weighing less than 4kg, includes four interchangeable cooking surfaces. These are the pot stand, the BBQ top, the non-stick flat griddle and the pot (also used as a dome). These all pack into a...
R 1,869.00
Cadac Skottel Braai - 8309S
• Uses 5kg or 7kg LPG cylinder• Skottel dish coated in hard vitreous enamel
R 889.00
Cadac Swivel Regulator - 342
This 3/8inch Swivel Regulator fits all Cadac L.P.G. Cylinders: 3kg, 5kg & 7kg.
R 129.00
Cadac Teppanyaki Plate - 98506S
The durable Teppanyaki plate is made from Triply (3 layer combination of Aluminium and stainless steel) to the same specifications as is used by professional chefs. It provides for perfect Teppanyaki cooking. Stainless steel handles make the Teppanyaki plate easy...
R 769.00
Cadac Trigger Gas Lighter - 604
The 2 pack trigger-lite gas lighters are top quality, easy to use and are the best for when you need to light your Braai, CADAC Heater or any other CADAC product. These auto ignition, refillable CADAC lighters are durable and...
R 35.00
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