Jabra Freeway
Dual-mic technology filters out everything but your voice. Background noises and honking cars disappear, so the other side hears you loud and clear.
R 1,999.00
Jabra Talk 65 Noise Cancelling Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset - Black
Block out 80% background noise - For clear conversations and improved productivityStream your GPS, music, and moreStay connected on even the longest shiftsSmall and discreet for comfortable all-day wearEasy to use controlsEnhance productivity by using your headset to access your...
R 2,099.00
Jabra Talk 45
R 1,599.00
Jabra Talk 45
Enjoy the clearest calls with HD Voice and Jabra 2-microphone technology. HD Voice automatically adjusts the volume to your environment, making sure that no matter where you are, you can hear above the noise around you. And with our 2-microphone...
R 1,599.00
Sold Out
Jabra Talk 15
Talk 15 gets the most out of your media, allowing you to wirelessly stream GPS directions, music and podcasts from your mobile phone.
R 799.00
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