Ultratec Dual Emergency Lanterns - MS5131
The UltraTec MS5131 Emergency Light functions as an emergency lighting unit during power outages. It is also perfect for outdoor activities such as camping. 4 LED Flashlight and 24 LED Lantern modes 50 hour runtime in Lantern mode 100 hours runtime in...
R 799.00
Ultratec MS6908-LT 800 Lumen Rechargeable LED Lantern Set
24 LED Rechargeable Lamp Function / 800 Lumens 2 lamp set in nylon bag Powered by Ultra Long-Life 5500mAh Lithium battery High and low power switch settings Power-bank function for cell phone charging (cables included) Charges via USB with internally...
R 799.00
Zartek Rechargeable Headlamp - ZA-432
Wether you are camping, running or doing a night hike the Zartek ZA-432 Rechargeable LED Headlamp will always light up the way for you. The headlamp features up to 15 hours or run time depending on which of the 3 modes of...
R 699.00
Magneto Sensor Strip Light
The Magneto LED Sensor Strip Light is powered by a rechargeable Li-Po battery & equipped with 36 powerful SMD bulbs! Auto-light up dark areas or your cupboards with the motion detector sensor which automatically activates with movement of up to...
R 199.00
Magneto Rechargeable Led Solar - ML2KS1
This powerful and practical Magneto Rechargeable LED Solar light has 2 mode settings and is equipped with an advanced crystalline silicon solar panel that absorbs sunlight more effectively to charge the battery, even in low sunlight. It is compact and...
R 169.00
Solarfirst SF005A 100w Flood Light
  Rated A energy efficient Aluminium, alloy body (prevents bask in rain and rust) 20 meters water proof cable Wireless remote control (15m range) 20 watt panel 100 watt/8000 Lumens light More than 10 hours light time from a full...
R 1,399.00
Sold Out
NITECORE EDC27 Flashlight - 3000 Lumens
The NITECORE EDC27 flashlight is the trusted lighting solution for heavy-duty outdoor use. Featuring 3000 lumens of brightness, it's designed to be shock-resistant and waterproof up to 2 meters. A balanced beam and built-in memory circuit round out this powerful...
R 1,799.00
NITECORE HC60 V2 Rechargeable Headlamp - 1200 Lumens
Max Output 1200 Lumens Max Beam Distance 130 m Max Beam Intensity 4240 cd Max Runtime 680 h 0 m / 28.33 d LED OSRAM P9 LED Reflector SMO Battery 1 × 18650, 2 × CR123 Special Modes Location Beacon, SOS, Strobe Beam color White Light Weight 70 g /...
R 1,299.00
Fenix HL32R Rechargeable Headlamp - 600 Lumens
The Fenix HL32R Rechargeable Headlamp easily lights your path. Independent switches control the light's seven functional modes, including a long-reaching spotlight with a maximum 800 lumens. Made from magnesium alloy, this headlamp is not only durable but extremely lightweight. The...
R 899.00
Sold Out
Zartek LED Worklight - ZA-449
The Zartek ZA-449 rechargeable 2000 lumen LED worklight features a power bank, magnetic mount, rubberized protector guards and a foldable stand with handle. The worklight also features a shockproof & rainproof IP65 rating and two brightness modes plus strobe. 2...
R 899.00
Magneto Led Lantern 2.0
Beating Load shedding was never this easy. We’re here to help shed the load of stress and inconvenience with our Magneto LED Lantern. With up to 60 hours of light on one single charge, it is definitely the Number One,...
R 299.00
LedLenser HF4R Work Headlamp - Black/Yellow
The LedLenser HF4R Work is a powerful and dependable flashlight. Perfect for everyday use, it contains a rechargeable battery that can be powered up to 500 times. The HF4R offers a maximum output of up to 500 Lumens and a...
R 899.00
LedLenser HF4R Signature Headlamp - Sand
Stay connected and charged with the LedLenser HF4R Signature - Sand for hours. This ultra-portable charger is designed for smartphones and tablets, with 150 lumens of adjustable lighting and 9 watts of power to keep your devices running on the...
R 999.00
LedLenser HF4R Signature Headlamp - Black
The LedLenser HF4R Signature is the perfect combination of power and convenience, with its durable, compact design and powerful LED light. Enjoy a long battery life and adjustable light intensity so you can take on any task, no matter how...
R 999.00
LedLenser HF4R Core Headlamp - Blue
This LedLenser HF4R Core is perfect for on-the-go activities! Its rechargeable battery and up to 450 lumens of bright light will ensure that you’re never left in the dark. With a lightweight yet rugged design, it’s suitable for outdoor activities,...
R 799.00
LedLenser HF4R Core Headlamp - Red
The LedLenser HF4R Core is a powerful flashlight designed to meet the needs of professional users. Boasting a durable and lightweight cast aluminum housing, this high-performance torch features an output of up to 360 lumens, a beam distance of up...
R 799.00
LedLenser HF6R Signature Headlamp - Black
The LedLenser HF6R Signature Headlamp is the perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professionals. The super bright LED lighting and easy to regulate design will keep you safe and seen in even the darkest nights. With maximum power, adjustable light-focus,...
R 1,499.00
LedLenser HF6R Signature Headlamp - Sand
Light up your outdoor adventures with the LedLenser HF6R Signature Headlamp. This headlamp features advanced LED technology for a powerful spot light that takes up minimal home in your pack, allowing you to keep exploring without the worry of running...
R 1,499.00
LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp - Black/Yellow
This LedLenser HF8R Work Headlamp is your go-to when you need bright illumination. With 450 lumens, you can confidently handle whatever job comes your way in the darkness. Plus, with its IPX6 water-resistant housing, you don't have to worry about...
R 2,499.00
LedLenser HF6R Work Headlamp - Black/Yellow
Brighten up the darkest of workspaces with the LedLenser HF6R Work Headlamp Black/Yellow. With a powerful LED light and adjustable beam angle, this lightweight and comfortable headlamp ensures you won’t miss a single detail. Great for professionals and DIY-ers alike....
R 1,399.00
LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp - White
Light up your adventures with the LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp. This headlamp offers exceptional illumination in a lightweight, adjustable design, helping you find the perfect angle for your activities. Brightness settings allow you to choose exactly how much light you...
R 1,199.00
LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp - Red
Discover the perfect light for your next adventure with the LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp. This stylish and sophisticated headlamp combines an impressive 180 lumens of energy-efficient LED power with three intuitive lighting modes for custom illumination. With an adjustable elastic...
R 1,199.00
LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp - Black
Light up any night with this LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp! With its adjustable angle and comfortable fit, it's sure to let you explore the world around you like you've never seen it before! So get ready to get out there...
R 1,199.00
LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp - Blue
The LedLenser HF6R Core Headlamp is a powerful and reliable headlight solution. Its high-performance LED delivers up to 200 lumens of light, while the adjustable front reflector ensures you can adjust the focus and light intensity to tackle even the...
R 1,199.00

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