Kicker CompC 12 Inch 600 Watt 4 Ohm Single Voice Coil - 44CWCS124
Huge value. High performance. The KICKER® CompC™ Subwoofer pumps out the bass with all the intensity your ears can handle. Perimeter venting keeps the air free-flowing around the motor structure. With a KICKER sub that doesn’t overheat, you get high-performance...
R 1,499.00
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Kicker Shallow-Mount 10" Subwoofer With Dual 1-ohm Voice Coils - 43CWRT101
If you're looking for bass for a tight space, Kicker designed their CompRT subs with compact cars, pickup trucks,... A thin sub with fat bass If you're looking for bass for a tight space, Kicker designed their CompRT subs with...
R 2,599.00
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Pioneer 10'' Shallow-mount Subwoofer - TS-A2500LB
The TS-A2500LB features a compact, space-saving enclosure designed for optimal use of space. The carpeted enclosure is shallow enough for mounting in a wide variety of vehicles including pickup trucks with standard or extended-cab models. The enclosure’s unique design allows...
R 2,399.00
American Pro 12'' 7000W Subwoofer -TXS-DX12D4
Treat yourself to top-notch bass with the American Pro 12'' 7000W Subwoofer. With its powerful 7000W peak output and tight bass response, this subwoofer will give you a dynamic listening experience with crystal clear sound. Enjoy your music the way...
R 970.00
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HYBRID Elite Series 12″ Subwoofer - EW12-1
The Hybrid+ Elite series EW12-1 is a 12″ subwoofer that offers amazing performance thanks to its oversized motor system, ribbed edge paper cone with mica coating and 4 layer dual voice coil. The result is a dynamic tone with deep...
R 1,099.00
Hertz UNO S300 S4 - 12" Car Audio Subwoofer 1000W
The 30 cm (12’) S 300 S4 car audio subwoofer, designed to obtain powerful deep bass in any installation, is the last addition to the Uno product range.Thanks to the efficiency of 89.5 dB, achieved using lightweight materials such as...
R 999.00
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Massive Audio MMA124- 12" 500 Watts RMS Dual 4 Ohm Subwoofer
Experience booming bass with the Massive Audio MMA124 12" Subwoofer. With 500 Watts RMS and dual 4 Ohm impedance, this subwoofer features an efficient design for superior sound quality and impressive deep bass. Perfect for any car audio system. Heavy...
R 1,299.00
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Pioneer TS-W311S4 12" Champion Series Subwoofer with Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil
Pioneer’s IMPP Composite Cone is newly re-designed to deliver a durable cone structure for accurate, yet powerful bass. The subwoofer now provides a single piece cone and drive cone, in addition to a lightweight and rigid dust cap. This combination...
R 1,099.00
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Pioneer TS-W311D4 12" Champion Series Subwoofer with Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil
With the TS-W311D4, engineers re-designed the spider assembly to allow the subwoofer to produce more accurate and rich bass. Taking notes from our high-end SPL competition and Reference Series speakers, the spider is now assembled onto the spider holder rather...
R 1,199.00
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