Karcher Cartridge Filter 2.863-303.0
Simple and convenient: The cartridge filter allows you to vacuum without any need for additional filter changes. The filter can be easily attached and removed by twisting it. No additional locking elements are required. In addition, the filter ensures excellent...
R 239.00
Karcher FC7 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner
The FC 7 Cordless floor cleaner collects both dry and wet everyday dirt in a single step. There is no longer any need to vacuum before wiping, which saves half the time**. Its four-roller technology with counter rotation enables fast...
R 8,499.00
Karcher Fleece Filter Bag 2.863-006.0 (MV4-MV6 & WD4-WD6)
The extremely tear-resistant fleece filter bags have a high dust retention rate and allow significantly longer suction periods compared to paper filter bags. The fleece filter bags are suitable for the Kärcher Home & Garden multi-purpose vacuum cleaners from the...
R 219.00
Karcher Foam Filter 2.863-016.0 (MV1/WD1)
Foam filter suitable for Kärcher MV 1/WD 1 wet and dry vacuum cleaners.
R 45.00
Karcher FP303 Floor Polisher
A beautiful home also includes floors that are maintained. What was previously a complicated process with lots of manual steps, is now incredibly simple thanks to modern equipment. With its high speed the FP 303 floor polisher contributes to perfect...
R 4,399.00
Karcher K 1.100 High Pressure Washer
Compact, light, flexible and robust – the K 1.100 pressure washer is ideal for tackling occasional, smaller cleaning tasks around the home. It is ideal, for example, for cleaning vehicles, garden furniture and terraces. The full panel covering made of...
R 1,199.00
Karcher K2 Compact High Pressure Washer
Despite its compact dimensions, the K 2 Compact provides the full power of a pressure washer while remaining mobile and flexible. The device can be stored conveniently and takes up very little space. The high-pressure hose can be stored on...
R 1,699.00
Karcher K2.360 High Pressure Washer
Uses 80 percent less water than a garden hose. Light weight and easy to use for occasional application only. Hooked on tidiness Generous hook for tidy storage of the hose and cable directly on the device. Full cleaning power All Kärcher...
R 1,999.00
Karcher K3 Full Control High Pressure Washer
Adjust the pressure setting on the spray lance and check the pressure on the indicator of the trigger gun – for maximum control and the ideal pressure for every surface. You can switch from high pressure to detergent mode without...
R 2,899.00
Karcher K3 Power Control Pressure Washer
Thanks to the practical application consultant in the Home & Garden app, which can support the K 3 Power Control pressure washer, Kärcher makes possible even better cleaning results – and turns the user into a cleaning expert. The app...
R 3,249.00
Karcher K3 Premium Pressure Washer
Thanks to the practical application consultant in the Home & Garden app, which can support the K 3 Power Control pressure washer, Kärcher makes possible even better cleaning results – and turns the user into a cleaning expert. The app...
R 3,249.00
Karcher K4 Classic High Pressure Washer
The "K4" features a durable and powerful water-cooled motor. This high-pressure cleaner with Quick Connect gun and 6 m high-pressure hose is designed for the occasional removal of moderate soiling. The Vario Power spray lance (VPS) and dirt blaster are suitable for...
R 4,999.00
Karcher K4 Compact Pressure Washer
Be it in the boot of a car or up on a shelf; thanks to its compact dimensions, the K 4 Compact pressure washer fits anywhere without difficulty. The device is also incredibly practical when in use: the flexible K...
R 4,199.00
Karcher K4 Full Control High Pressure Washer
The device is suitable for occasional cleaning on moderate levels of dirt, with an area performance of 30 m²/h. With the Full Control pressure washer, you will find the right pressure for any surface. The pressure setting is adjusted on...
R 4,999.00
Karcher K5 Compact High Pressure Washer
The K 5 Compact combines maximum convenience with full power. Thanks to its innovative hose storage concept, the high-pressure hose can be simply wound around the front cover after use and secured with a rubber band ready for transport. Thanks...
R 5,799.00
Karcher K5 Power Control Pressure Washer
For greater control and better handling – using the Kärcher Home & Garden app, the user is assisted in many cleaning situations and with different cleaning objects. The application consultant describes the optimal pressure level for the selected cleaning object....
R 6,999.00
Karcher K7 Compact High Pressure Washer
The K 7 Compact pressure washer cleans stubborn dirt from surfaces at up to 60 m² per hour, proving its credentials in terms of both ease of use and performance. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the whole device is easy...
R 8,599.00
Karcher K7 Smart Control High Pressure Washer
Simply connect the K 7 Smart Control pressure washer to the Kärcher Home & Garden app on the smartphone via Bluetooth – and cleaning becomes much easier and more efficient. Because the application consultant in the app gives practical tips...
R 11,899.00
Karcher KB5 Cordless Electric Broom
Fast and effective intermediate cleaning of hard floors and carpets? The perfect job for the KB 5 cordless electric broom. Thanks to the Kärcher Adaptive Cleaning System, the cordless electric broom delivers outstanding cleaning results and removes dirt easily and...
R 1,269.00
Sold Out
Karcher Paper Filter Bag 2.863-014.0 (WD1/MV1)
Paper filter bag for Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaners in the MV 1/WD 1 range. Quantity in the box (piece(s)) - 5 
R 199.00
Karcher Paper Filter Bag 6.904-128.0 (FP303)
3 replacement paper filter bags for FP 303 vacuum floor polisher. Reliably removes polishing dust. Filter bag for easy fitting and disposal. Quantity: 3
R 139.00
Karcher Paper Filter Bag 6.959-130.0 (WD3)
Two-ply paper filter bags with excellent filter performance. The paper filter bags also impress with high tear-resistance and reliably keep dust and dirt inside the device. Five bags are included in the scope of supply. Quantity in the box -...
R 169.00
Karcher Pleated Filter 2.863-005.0 (MV4-MV6 & WD4-WD6)
Embedded in the filter box, the flat pleated filter can be replaced particularly conveniently and quickly - and without any contact with dirt: simply fold out the filter box, change the filter, close the filter box - and you're done!...
R 289.00
Karcher SC 1 EasyFix Steam Cleaner
The compact Kärcher SC 1 EasyFix 2-in-1 steam mop (with floor cleaning set) can be used anywhere in the household and cleans without using any chemicals. Thorough cleaning with the Kärcher steam cleaner removes 99.999% of coronaviruses* and 99.99% of all common...
R 1,599.00

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