Homedics Aroma Diffuser - Connect
The Connect Diffuser features a charming, asymmetrical shape. Compact and durable enough for travel, it gently lifts the scent of your favorite essential oils into the air to transform the mood of your space. The Connect Diffuser delivers up to...
R 1,049.00
Homedics Aroma Diffuser - Hope
With just a few drops of your favourite essential oil, the Ellia Hope Diffuser can transform your space and spirit. With up to 8 hours of continuous runtime, relaxing sounds and an Essential Oil Starter Kit so you can start...
R 1,349.00
Homedics BMSC-1000H-EU Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Heat
The Homedics Shiatsu Massager with Soothing Heat has a special massage mechanism that mimics a hand massage. Penetrating heat along with the movement of the massage heads up and down to relax your tight back muscles. Massager can be used...
R 1,949.00
Homedics FB-350-EU Foldable Luxury Foot Spa
The HoMedics® Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath with Heat gives your feet a rejuvenating vibration massage. Acu-node surface provides a gentle foot massage as the heat further relaxes your feet. The Compact Pro Spa Collapsible Footbath offers a convenient collapsible...
R 899.00
Homedics NMSQ-215A-EU Vibretion neck Massager
Relieve aching neck pain with the HoMedics Neck & Shoulder Massager with Heat. Perfect for soothing nagging neck and shoulder aches with an invigorating vibration massage and added heat.Suffering with a stiff neck can really take its toll on your...
R 599.00
Homedics PAC-25-EU2 MyChill Personal Space Cooler
Cools your personal space by up to 7.7 ̊C   Environmentally friendly and uses no ozone-depleting refrigerants Uses very little energy, unlike traditional cooling appliances 4-foot cooling area Two fan speeds Indicator lights up when out of water Clean tank...
R 1,799.00
Homedics PED-500-EU Pedi-Care System
8 in 1 pedicure for perfectly smooth skin and immaculately finished nails 4 skin smoothing tools – quickly remove hard, dry and cracked skin 4 nail care tools - Shape and finish nails Adjustable transparent Guard Localise dead skin/nail deposits...
R 549.00
Homedics SGP-1500H-EU Shiatsu Gel Pillow Massager
Homedics Rechargeable Gel Massage Backrest  is a comfortable and versatile device,  ideal for use even outside the home thanks to the rechargeable battery: in the car, on the train, on the plane or after an intense sports workout . It...
R 2,199.00
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