Kenwood HFP50.000WH Air Fryer
The Kenwood HFP50 is perfectly suitable for families thanks to its large 5,5 litre capacity. Create tasty meals using 80% less oil or fat by using the 7 easy-to-use preset programs. A recipe book is included to give you all...
R 1,999.00 R 1,499.00
Kenwood KAX950ME Food Micer Attachment
The food Mincer KAX950ME is a high performance meat grinder allows preparation of a huge variety of dishes from home using three inclusive screens fine (3mm), medium (4.5mm) and coarse (8mm). Includes sausage maker for fresh, healthy home made sausages,...
R 1,499.00
Kenwood HFP90.000BK 11L Air Fryer Oven
The evolution of air fryers! The large Kenwood air fryer oven is a multifunction cooking appliance, featuring a variety of cooking methods. Fry, brown, roast, defrost, heat, grill, gratin or even dry out foods to create an array of delicious...
R 2,099.00
Kenwood IF660 Pedestal Fan With Remote Control
The Kenwood IF660 remote control fan is the perfect addition to any home during hot weather. Its slimline shape allows it to sit comfortably in the corner of a room and the useful carry handle makes it easy to move...
R 1,299.00
Kenwood SMM01.A0BK 3-in-1 Sandwich Maker
Go from creating tasty toasted sandwiches, to creating decadent waffles or grilling burger patties with the Kenwood SMM01.A0BK. It features three interchangeable removable plates: sandwich maker, grill-griddle and waffle iron. The 700W Kenwood SM650 Sandwich Maker has capacity for two rounds of sandwiches...
R 759.00
Kenwood KAH359BL ThermoResist Glass Blender
This ThermoResist™ glass blender allows you to switch between hot and cold mixes without the slightest risk of shattering or clouding, perfect for creating hearty soups and ice cold drinks. The innovative stir stick efficiently mixes even really thick recipes...
R 1,969.00
Kenwood VBP80.000RG Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
Kenwood XtremeCyclone technology maximizes airflow and performance by separating dirt from air in one go. Air enters fast into the XtremeCyclone thanks to the air inlet design. The curved air pass quickly accelerates the air in the cyclonic chamber to...
R 2,099.00
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Kenwood KAT001ME Twist Adaptor for Bar Machine
The Chef Twist To Bar adapter allows you to use our newer Twist attachments with your food mixer, without having to replace your machine.  The adapter easily attaches to the slow speed outlet, so you have full flexibility to create...
R 239.00
Kenwood FDM71.960SS Multipro Express Weigh+ Food Processor
MultiPro Express Weigh+ FDM71.960SS Enjoy getting creative in the kitchen, knowing you've got the right tool for every job. Create food that looks as good as it tastes with Express Serve™. Dice, slice and grate with precision, direct to your...
R 4,349.00
Kenwood KVL4100S Chef XL Mixer
R 5,649.00 R 5,349.00
Kenwood KVL4100S Chef XL Mixer
Chef XL KVL4100S Enjoy the process of cooking even more with the Kenwood Chef XL. Bring great tasting food to the table with this reliable kitchen machine. Designed to make light work of food preparation, this product will help you to...
R 5,649.00 R 5,349.00
Kenwood TCM35.000GR 2 Slice Toaster - Green
Kenwood has a rich history of producing reliable, easy to use products. The beautifully designed Vintage toaster recalls beautiful shapes from yesteryear, essential to enjoy thoughtful moments like breakfast at their best.The toaster features 6 browning levels, as well as...
R 1,049.00
Kenwood ZJM35.000GR 1.7L Cordless Kettle - Green
Kenwood has a rich history of producing reliable, easy to use products. The beautifully designed Vintage kettle recalls beautiful shapes from yesteryear, essential to enjoy thoughtful moments like breakfast or a tea break at their best.Equipped with removable and washable...
R 1,049.00
Kenwood KAT002ME Easy Fit Adaptor
The Chef Bar To twist adapter allows you to use your older Bar attachments with your newer food mixer, so no need to replace your attachments! The adapter easily attaches to the slow speed outlet, so you have full flexibility...
R 209.00
Kenwood MG450 Meat Grinder - Mincer
This model has an on, off and reverse switch to keep ingredients moving smoothly through the grinder. Three screens are provided for fine, medium and coarse grinding. You can also use the grinder to make sausages and kebbe, using the...
R 2,649.00
Kenwood VBP50.000BB Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
The VBP50.000BB will be one of the handiest household appliances you add to your home. Our vacuum cleaners are well equipped to serve as the cleaning master for your house and even for your car. 2 L canister bagless vacuum...
R 999.00
Kenwood KAX984ME Spaghetti Attachment
Experience consistent and effortless pasta cutting with the spaghetti cutter kitchen machine attachment.  The durable stainless steel body cutter can feed through large quantities of pasta dough, creating the perfect 2mm width pasta. Fresh Spaghetti Enjoy creating fresh pasta dishes...
R 1,689.00
Kenwood BLP15.150WH Blender & Mill
Kenwood BLP15.150WH Blender & Mill Take The Effort Out Of Blending With Kenwood'S Blender Need A Powerful Blender Without Compromising Precious Kitchen Worktop Space. The Kenwood Blender Is Ideal For Smaller Spaces, But Still Has A Generous 1.5 Litre Capacity...
R 659.00
Kenwood HFP70.000BK Dual Air Fryer
Kenwood HFP70.000BK Dual Air Fryer Dual zone: two baskets for separate cooking of food Sync function: synchronizes the end of cooking of foods with different cooking times DUAL COOK function: two zones become one ideal for large quantities Rapid air...
R 2,199.00
Kenwood HFP30.000WH Air Fryer
R 1,499.00 R 1,099.00
Kenwood HFP30.000WH Air Fryer
Kick-off your healthier eating with the Kenwood HFP30 airfryer. This airfryer is not just great for frying, as you can grill, bake and even roast your favourite foods. It features a 3,8 L basket, making it the perfect size for...
R 1,499.00 R 1,099.00
Kenwood STP40.000WP Steam Iron
The Kenwood STP40.000WP steam iron is designed to give you the best results.It features a 250 ml tank and can create a steam shot up to 120g for those stubborn creases. The plate is a Teflon soleplate which is also self-cleaning....
R 339.00
Kenwood HMP20.000WH Hand Mixer
Hand Mixer HMP20.000WH The white HMP20 compact hand mixer comes with five speeds plus turbo, twin beaters and kneaders for folding, mixing, whisking and kneading. KEY FEATURES Power: 300W Double removable hooks Mixing hooks Whisking hooks 5 speeds + Turbo...
R 589.00
Kenwood BLM05.A0BK Personal Blender
Kenwood Accent Collection Personal Blender BLM05.A0BK Sometimes you simply want to blend and go, and that’s where the Kenwood personal blender comes in. Ideal for when you are blending for one, the BLM05 means any household can create delicious, energy...
R 699.00
Kenwood TCM45.000IV 2 Slice Toaster
This Classica Electrical toaster by Kenwood has a 2 slice design, with stainless steel clamps for toasting sandwiches. A compact and elegant design, it boasts automatic ejection, a removable crumb tray, 6 adjustable browning levels, toast, heat, and defrost functions....
R 1,069.00
Kenwood AT850B Scale Attachment
About the AT850B Scales One of the secrets of great cooking is balance and precision. And these kitchen scales make it easy to accurately weigh ingredients into the same bowl you're going to use for mixing. The scale will weigh...
R 1,049.00

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