Europe Chess Champion Chess Computer 8 in 1
The device naturally masters the special rules of chess: castling, pawn promotion and en-passant capturing. It has an extensive opening library as well as a position memory, so that you can interrupt your games at any time.
R 1,899.00
Chess Genius Chess Computer
With the ChessGenius you get one of the most powerful chess computers ever with the world famous software ChessGenius. You can play and train at different levels – from experienced tournament players to beginners. With a fast processor and over...
R 3,499.00
Karpov Chess School Chess Computer
Chess interests you or your child, but you never really learned that? Here the chess textbook of the former world champion Anatoly Karpov helps. Step by step you will learn how to systematically build and improve your game by means...
R 2,299.00
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