LG MA3884VC 38L SolarDOM Microwave
Solar DOM Microwave Charcoal Lighting Heater - The Charcoal Lighting Heater enables food to absorb heat faster and deeper, browning the outside crispy and the inside juicy, just like the natural charcoal grilling in the outdoor camping. It also saves time...
R 11,549.00
LG MJ3965ACS NeoChef™ 39l Microwave
Smart Inverter Motor 8 Defrost & Cook Functions 4 Inverter Defrost Functions 8 Popular Menus 8 Steam Chef Functions 8 Roast & Bake Functions 4 Slow Cook & Warm Functions 8 Health Fry Functions LED Lighting Crisp Tray Quick Start...
R 8,949.00 R 5,999.00
Samsung MS405MAD 40L Microwave
Ceramic interior prevents bacteria from spreading, scratch and rust resistant Luxurious Black Mirror Design Sensor Cook Child Lock Power- 1000W Colour- Mirror Finish
R 2,999.00
LG MS4235GIS NeoChef™ 42L Microwave
Smart Inverter Motor 5 Sensor Reheat Options 7 Sensor Cook Options 4 Defrost Options Quick Start LED Lighting 99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean™
R 3,199.00
Hisense H36MOMMI 36L Microwave
1000W Power10 Power Level SettingsMirror GlassDefrost
R 1,899.00
LG MS5696HIT 56L NeoChef™ Microwave
Smart Inverter Motor 8 Reheat Functions 4 Inverter Defrost Functions 16 Popular Menus International Menus Quick Start Energy Saving 99.99% Anti-Bacterial EasyClean
R 4,199.00
LG MS4295DIS NeoChef™ 42L Microwave
LG Smart Inverter - Every dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor.   Even Heating & Defrosting - Smart Inverter precisely controls the temperature to heat and defrost evenly. Fast Cooking - Precise...
R 3,499.00
Midea EM036AFK 36L Microwave
EM036AFK Midea’s 36L Digital Microwave is the classically stylish appliance your kitchen wants and needs. SPECIFICATIONS: 6 x Auto express cook functions Defrost timer set by weight and time Mirror glass door 36L Capacity 1000 Watts
R 1,949.00
samsung ME83X 23L Microwave Oven
Make sure that everything you cook is perfectly prepared and delicious. The unique Triple Distribution System distributes microwaves in 3 directions, so they reach into every corner and penetrate food in multiple directions. It ensures that everything is cooked much...
R 1,849.00
Defy DMO390 30L Microwave
Cooking has never been so easy with the Defy 30l Solo Model Microwave, an amazing kitchen innovation with 900-watt power output and a range of useful cooking features. If you’re home late from the office and need to quickly defrost...
R 2,099.00
Samsung MS40J5133BG 40L Microwave
SAMSUNG  40L Microwave - MS40J5133BG Healthy Cooking - With 16 pre-set cooking modes, you can prepare food in minutes Ceramic Inside™ - Easy to clean, helps reduce bacteria and scratch resistant. CERAMIC INSIDE™ is easy to keep clean and is...
R 2,999.00
Hisense H43MOMMI 43L Microwave
10 Power Levels 6 Auto Cook Menus 95 in Timer Defrost Function Eco Function
R 2,399.00
LG MH8265DIS NeoChef™ 42L Grill Microwave
Smart Inverter - very dish you prepare will taste better as it was cooked more evenly and thoroughly, locking in flavor. Even Heating - Smart Inverter controls precisely temperature to heat foods up and defrost evenly. Even Defrosting Fast Cooking Various Cooking...
R 4,099.00
AEG MFS4245SOS 42L Microwave
AEG MFS4245SOS 42L Microwave 6 Auto Cooking Functions: Popcorn, potato, pizza, frozen vegetables, beverages, dinner plate functions Electronic Control and display: Easy to use electronic controls with LED display Auto Defrosting Functions: Easily defrost any dish 30 Second Quick Start:...
R 2,299.00
Hisense H30MOMS9H 30L Microwave
Blue LED display Membrance digital control 11 power levels 6 Auto cooking menus Weight/Speed defrost Multi stage cooking Preset funciton Child safety lock Cooking end signal Memory cooking set 12h clock setting up to 99’99” cooking timer Express start cooking...
R 1,599.00
LG MH8265CIS NeoChef™ 42L Grill Microwave
LG's Smart Inverter technology provides precise cooking power to reheat and defrost a wide range of foods faster than ever. Thanks to precise temperature control, you can cook a variety of dishes that microwaves were previously never able to prepare.
R 4,299.00 R 3,699.00
Samsung ME0113M1 32L Microwave
Smart Sense Technology Auto Cook Auto Defrost 1000W Oouput 10 Power Levels Child Lock Eco Mode Kitchen Timer Ceramic Enamel Interior Mirror Finish
R 2,349.00
Midea EM145A2HG 45L Microwave
EM145A2HG Looking for a heavy duty yet stylish microwave? Look no further than the Midea 45L microwave. SPECIFICATIONS: 6 x Auto express cook functions Defrost timer set by weight and time Mirror glass door 45L Capacity 1100 Watts
R 2,199.00
Defy DMO383 20l Microwave
The Defy DMO383 has a compact design with a mirror glass finish, digital display and electronic control, making it both unobtrusive yet eye-catching at the same time. This is the perfect home addition for small-to-medium-sized kitchens, with the ability to...
R 1,599.00
Defy DMO401 43L Microwave Oven
With a digital programmer and digital display screen, this 1000 watt microwave is ideal when you need dinner in a hurry. Its digital programmer allows you to easily set the cooking time for your food, while Its stylish display lets...
R 2,949.00
Samsung MC456TBRCSR 45L Convection Microwave
Tripple Distribution System 6 Cooking Mode Options Auto Cook Sensor Cook Preheat Steam Clean
R 6,699.00
Samsung ME6194ST 55L Microwave
Triple Distribution- three microwave distribution points, consistently even, thorough cooking Rapid Defrost- defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly Ceramic Enamel Cavity 10 Power Levels Power- 1000W
R 3,299.00
Samsung ME9114S1 32L Microwave
32L Microwave 1000 Watt output 11 Power Levels Ceramic Enamel Cavity Child Lock Kitchen Timer Clock LED Display
R 2,249.00

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