Alcatel T580 Temporis Phone
You'll love its multiple assets: The handsfree feature to organize your conference calls.The clear display to identify who is calling and offer greater user-friendliness experience.The communication freedom and superb audio quality via its headset mode.
R 899.00
Alcatel T26 Desktop phone
Alcatel T26 is a basic telephone with conventional features and contemporary look. Designed for comfort use, T26 comes in with enlarged keys and handy features including redial, flash, mute and pause. The ringtone has 3 volume levels. The practical LED indicator...
R 299.00
Alcatel T-MAX 20 Phone
The perfect phone made for families, as much as for seniors. It has the features fitting the best. Finally, the TMAX 20 can be fixed on the wall.
R 499.00
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