Adam Elements C1 Car Charger
Special Anti-Slip Pattern Design Medium size, special anti-slip pattern and anti-scratch design, it's also easy to install and remove.
R 399.00
Adam elements OMNIA M2 Magnetic 2-in-1 Wireless Charger
100% safe charging: overcharging, overheating, and foreign object detection.
R 1,599.00
Adam elements OMINA UVC+ - UV Ozone Sterilizer Box with Fast Wireless Charger
The UV light with Ozone is widely used in sterilizing small personal items, such as smartphones, watches, headphones, jewelry, credit cards, makeup brushes, etc. According to the results of laboratory tests, it kills 99.9% of Staph aureus and E. coli...
R 1,199.00
Adam elements OMNIA Q3 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station (Power Adapter Included Version)
・ Triple Fast Wireless Charger, perfect for Apple products and other Qi-compatible devices.・ MFW "Made for Apple Watch” certified.・ Foldable Apple Watch charging pad for your convenience while carrying it around.・ Adjust your Apple Watch charging pad to your desired...
R 2,599.00
Adam Elements CASA Hub 10E USB-C 3.1 10 Port
Standalone USB-C Multi-Function Modular Hub with Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C), USB-C PD, USB-A, HDMI, RJ45, SD and microSD card slot.
R 1,999.00
Adam Elements OMNIA P5 Wall Charger
Amazingly Smart the OMNIA P5 can detect and decide the wattage each connected device would actually need and then gives it the right amount of refill, which effectively prevents power waste and protects your gadget.
R 899.00
Adam Elements GRAVITY M 10000mah USB-C Power Bank
The hand strap of GRAVITY M is not only an attractive gimmick, but also a discreet USB -C cable. Just release the clip then extend the cable, and your phone is back in business.
R 699.00
Adam Elements CASA Hub A01m USB 3.1 Type-C Classic 4-in-1 Multi-Function Hub
  Input Interface USB3.1 Type-C MaleUSB3.1 Type-C Female x 1 (PD charger only) Output Interface USB3.1 Type-A Female x 2HDMI Std.A x 1 Power Rating 60W Input Power Max. 20V / 3A Output Power USB Type-A Max. 5V / 0.9A...
R 1,099.00
Adam Elements CASA Hub i4 USB-C 4-in-1 Hub for iPad Pro
The CASA Hub i4 turns the single USB-C port on iPad Pro into a combo of one USB-C PDcharging port, a USB Type-A port, a HDMI video port and a 3.5mm audio jack to eliminate the need for multiple adapters....
R 999.00
Adam Elements CASA Hub Pro USB 3.1 USB Type C (USB-C) 11 Port
Designed for Type-C laptops and mobile phones, additional 11 functions via one port, including USB Type-C PD 3.0 fast charge, USB Type-A, HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, Ethernet, SD, and Micro SD card readers, 3.5 mm headphone jack.
R 2,499.00
Adam Elements CASA Hub O7 USB-C 3.1- 7 Port Wireless Charger Hub
Ports: - USB Type-C power input x 1: PD 3.0, 20V - 5A, 100W max.- USB Type-C data port x 1: USB 3.1 Gen 2- HDMI port x 1: 4K@30Hz- VGA port x 1: 1080P (1920 X 1080) @60Hz max.-...
R 1,599.00
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