Victorinox Explorer - V1.6703

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Sturdy, compact and comfortable EDC, easy to fit in your pants or jacket or a pouch on your belt. Multifunctional, includes a compact magnifying glass, Phillips screwdriver and multipurpose hook for carrying weighty parcels

More Information
Lanyard No
Gutting/Seat Belt Cutter w/Lock No
Model Number V1.6703
Large Blade Yes
Small Blade Yes
Can Opener Yes
Screwdriver 3 mm Yes
Bottle Opener Yes
Wire Stripper Yes
Screwdriver 6 mm Yes
Scissors Yes
Reamer/Punch/Sewing Awl Yes
Wire Cutter No
Pliers No
Wire Crimper No
Fish Scaler No
Hook Disgorger No
Ruler (cm) No
Nail File No
Nail Cleaner No
Metal Saw No
Metal File No
Magnifying Glass Yes
Phillips Screwdriver 1/2 Yes
Screwdriver 2.5 mm No
Chisel 4 mm No
Multipurpose Hook Yes
Key Ring Yes
Mini Screwdriver No
Corkscrew Yes
Tee Punch No
Ball Marker No
Tweezers Yes
Toothpick Yes
Nail Clipper No
Manufacturer Victorinox
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