Sharp EL-W506TB GREY Advanced Scientific Calculator

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The EL-W506TB is the most advanced scientific calculator in the Sharp portfolio. It contains 640 mathematical functions and features the valuable Maths Training (DRILL) Function.  This calculator is especially suited for high school students and universities.

The "WriteView" display allows you to write and display expressions in the usual way, as on paper.

The sturdy plastic cover protects the calculator against scratches and falls, solar power saves the backup battery.

Main Features:

  • Textbook-style display (WriteView)
  • Maths drill function
  • Constant/chain calculations - they allow equations to be entered without having to key repeatedly.
  • Multi-line playback - SHARP's Multi-Line Playback function lets you recall the steps you have made (up to capacity of memory). This feature is very useful for comparing formulas and recalculating equations
  • Data Table in the STAT mode
  • Table mode
  • Home key
  • Statistical distributions
  • Matrix function(Up to 4x4 matrix)- In addition to the four basic arithmetic functions (excluding division between matrices), X3, X2, and X-1, users are provided with transpose and cumulative matrix functions, among others. Up to four matrices can be saved in memory, each up to four rows by four columns in size.
  • Vector function
  • 640 Functions including highest common factor, integration, sum multiplication and Home Button
More Information
Colour Grey
Model Number EL-W506TB-GY
Calculator Type Scientific
Usage University | High School | Student | Learner
Built-in Functions 640
Input Logic Algebraic, WriteView
Memory Register 9
Display Number of Digits 16
Display Size 4-Line
Display Type LCD Dot Matrix
Display Angle Flat
Special Keys Normal | Statistics | Table | Complex Equation | Training (DRILL) Function | Trigonometry | Matrix | Vector | Distribution | Metric Conversions | Logical Operation (AND, OR, NOT, NEG, XOR)
Power Source Twin Power Battery & Solar
Battery Type LR44 x 1
Manufacturer Sharp
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